Wednesday, 23 May 2012

MPAY…third drawer down

I'm a little late to the party, but one of my favourite bloggy memes has a new home.

My Place and Yours is now living with Cherie of Waste Not do Want.

This week’s theme is the third drawer down...

I was going to show you my kitchen drawer full of plastic and tupperware, but it's unusually empty as most of it has been used to store leftovers.
Bathroom and bedroom drawers were out (you don’t want to see a drawer full of hairbrushes and I’m definitely not showing you my knicker drawer!!)

So the only other 3rd drawer I have is in my lovely old dressing table. It actually holds some very modern stuff…
It is home to all my ‘electronic’ gadgetry. There’s the kindle, computer mouse and my old HP iPac and it's usb keyboard. I have some things that were my Dad’s and he really loved gadgets of all sorts.

There are cords for connecting things to the, kindle, iphone and various power cables. Some stuff I can’t throw out because I still love it and the time in my life it represents, even if something shinier and prettier has come along.

There is even and old nintenodo game boy magnifying light attachment that I salvaged from my son’s rubbish heap (fyi…older teens do occasionally clean their rooms). I checked it out on line and it was one of the best gadgets made for the old gameboys…I felt like I’d had an ‘oppy win’ in my own backyard. Son is now under instructions to give me the gameboy before he even thinks about throwing it out…it’s part of history and who knows how much fun any future grandsons may have with it)…ok my name is quilary and I could be accused of being a hoarder...
The only thing not in this drawer is the camera…I was using it at the time!!

I hope you liked the peek into my third drawer and if you're drawn to drawers, you can see a few more at MPAY’s new home.
Thanks Cherie for hosting this fun meme!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


  1. I have a drawer like that one with all my gadgets. I do have to go through and throw some chargers out though. Why do we keep them when we know we won't use them again?

  2. goodness, don't those cords turn into a twisty mess. Takes some organising those thing! What a drawer of fun!

  3. Haaaa surprise, surprise who'd have ever expected that assortment in that drawer. Love your imagination as always. Noarding, no way, collecting YES! Thank You for playing along, hoping you have a gorgeous week ;)


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