Friday, 11 May 2012

Sew It Together 2102

Only a month to go till SIT in Canberra! I'm really looking forward to the chance to get away and be immersed in craft/sewing/quilting and meeting other bloggers.

The name badge I made has been received by it's new owner, so I can reveal it here in all it's glory...wonky embroidery and all. (I don't think I gave Sheridan the stray bit of cotton though!)

This is from a paper piecing pattern from Sewhooked that you can find here - the embellishments are my own invention.

I've been snatching a bit of time to make the 5 Sample Swap gifts as well. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I'm using a charm pack of Modern Workshop (gifted by Retromummy after a quilts for queensland sewing day) and some fat quarters of sss blenders (which came with a long ago subscription to Patchwork & Stitching - or one of those mags).
This pink one is the first one I made and I don't like how the zipper ends turned out, plus I forgot to put on the wrist strap - which means I have to cut out another one, but I learnt a lot doing it.
 They do look sweet together!
They are around 10" x 6" - hopefully quite a handy size for fellow SIT-ters

I can't even direct you to one pattern or  tutorial that I used, because I seriously read so many. I guess you could start with the Moda Bake shop strippy charm pouch, but that one doesn't do zipper tab end-y things so I looked up a few more to get different ways of doing the zipper ends - I guess mine is a mish mash of different ideas, but here are a few blog tutorials you could check out: Kelby Sews or Pink Penguin or  Make It Perfect or finally Sew Fantastic  ...that should keep you distracted for a while!

Life has been fairly hectic around here - I can't really complain - we chose to have 6 children!
Through the "hectic", I was having a mild conniption that I had to have 4 more of these made by May 18 and then I went and re-read the "rules" and found that it's by June 1 this what it feels like to win lotto? no more panicking...perhaps I'd better go and get rid of the family of spiders that have taken up residence on the stairs, light fittings and window sills now that I have a bit of breathing space?

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Very nice projects, all! I have used the bake shop strippy pouch tute as well, and wished it had the ends of the zippers tabbed.

    Congrats on winning the lotto! LOL Gotta love when you make a deadline with time to spare. :)

  2. Very sweet bags and the tag is perfect. I love it when I find out deadlines are further away than I thought, it really is like winning the lotto. Good luck with the spiders, I find that I hardly turn around and they are back again!!!! xx

  3. LOVE my name tag!! You did an amazing job and I can't wait to wear it!!

    Thank you Hilary!!


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