Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This weeks My Place and Yours theme is
TINS at my place…
Cherie is asking us to show what kinds of tins we might have around lying around, from new to old, even paint tins!
A quick look around and I found a selection: There are some tea tins  - the Bewley tin came from Dublin,the Billy Tea is a commemorative tin from a few years ago and the fair trade Ceylon tea tin was a Mothers Day present from the kids some time ago.

I also can’t resist quirky tins – like Noah’s Ark and the Juke box - and force the lollies or the biscuits they contain onto the family, as quickly as possible. My Dr Who tin was picked up by the Princess at Vinnies a few years ago – and sits on the kitchen counter holding…tea bags!

The strange brown tin at the bottom left is a remnant from my childhood. Dad smoked a pipe and used that particular brand. We used them to hold all our precious little things that we wanted to keep safe…would you like to see what I still keep in there?
My Monkees fan club badge, an original South Sydney Rugby League Football Club ( now known as the Rabbitohs) badge, a confirmation medal and some others that I don’t remember the significance of.
Maybe my children will look back at the tins around here with fond memories and remember those that held their colouring pencils, or textas, or various precious objects.

Hope you liked the peek at my tins, head on over to Cherie’s blog to see some beauties, and there are some lovely tins that you won't want to miss on the linked blogs.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


  1. A Monkees fan club badge????? You have some lovely tins though I would think the tobacco tin would have to be the 'special' one. x

  2. Your tins are much nicer than mine! Mine are half full of paint that should be decorating the walls by now but have become a job that's fallen by the wayside.
    I love that you have your Dad's tobacco tin and the little treasures you keep in there.


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