Saturday, 25 August 2012

Secret Squirrel Stuff

A bit of a look at my exceedingly classy scrap storage *ahem* system
…but I’m carefully turning piles of scrappy bits into…
...usable bits of fabric…for this lovely swap group

…but the best secret squirrel item is this little block…                                      
...on it's way to it's new home...hope it makes it in time!!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Brilliant Blog Posts….

In my head I am writing brilliant blog posts and keeping you up to date with the magnificent amount of sewing I'm doing, and how the domestic goddess in me has run a household smoothly and picked up extra days at work to cover my colleagues who have been off sick with nasty viruses.

Most of that paragraph is true…except for the bit about the brilliant blog posts…and the amount of sewing…and the domestic goddess bit…

In reality I have covered for sick workmates, but all that has done is make me completely slack on the domestic front because I can’t let down my postcard swap partner.

Suddenly the “post by 12 August deadline” for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap #5 was on me!
The theme of this swap is “DISCOVER”.
I found this beautiful fabric in Spotlight…it has olde worlde maps, gorgeous variety of hot air balloons in all shapes and sizes and all on a linen-look cotton.IMG_5290
On the reverse, I printed an old fashioned postcard back and this quote by Proust.

I had some fun doing shiny topstitching and marking (approximately) on the maps where I am and where the postcard is heading to.
The back and front are sandwiched together with a firm interfacing and vliesofix. Gold thread edging gave it a lovely "puffy" look.

There are lots of finished postcards on the GBSPW Flickr page

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


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