Saturday, 8 September 2012

September Swapping and Sewing

During the last couple of weeks – yeah I want to know where they went too – I’ve been getting my swap projects together.

For the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap,  I turned these scrappy blocks…

scrappy patches

…into this pencil case with a “warm” colours side,
warm colours
and a “cool colours” side.
cool colours
I love this interior, my swap partner will always know where it came from!
pencil case interior
…and sent off these lovely scraps as part of the swap too!
swap fabrics

Miss Bee had a 13th birthday to go to. We know this family love handmade and heartfelt, so we had fun making this “Whimsy Wallet” pattern that I picked up from the 
Mad Quilters Gathering a few weeks ago.

Whimsy wallet

inside whimsy wallet

The DSDQ Swap isn't due till the end of September, but I just couldn’t wait after I found this tutorial
…here’s a look at the unfinished quilt top…would you be happy to get this? It will end up 14” square.
DSDQ swap quilt

The last bit of this post is for Cas
Rand cushion
...but I think she’s going to win this little knit-a-thon! (and she hasn't mis-read the pattern rows like I have, but there was no way I was going to undo the rows, so the top part of the cushion will have the stripes deliberately "wrong" as well, so I don't run out of this beautiful yarn)

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Had to come over and see what else you've been up to after I saw your swap quilt on Flickr, it's just gorgeous!!
    "Mad Quilters Gathering"? Sounds like you'd fit right in ;)

  2. I notice I'm not on your blog list :(

  3. Glad to see you have been busy with your craft while you have been AWOL from Blogland. Love all the things you have been doing especially that little quilt. x

  4. hahaha, loving the cushion :) i too wouldnt have undone the knitting. basically cos i would totally fail at picking up the stitches!! love the little scrappy bits :)will post my progress soon :)


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