Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Little Housekeeping…

New curtains were desperately needed in the over the fence household.

There was the unfortunate Curtain and Candle Catastrophe of Christmas Day (a bit of poetic licence there as technically it was Boxing Day but we were really celebrating Christmas with the MaTH’s side of the family).
Anyway nothing but a pair of curtains was harmed in the making of the catastrophe, but it was curtains for the curtains!
It was a smokin’ hot day.
I’ll get to the point shortly but I’m on fire with the puns.
Enough already!

I shouldn’t make too light of it…I was shocked at how quickly a little flame can take hold, and the Christmas tree was right next to the curtains, which could have led to a much worse scenario.

At least there has been some productive sewing happening.

I still can’t seem to get all of the pins out of the way, whether it’s a quilt block or curtains.
pins in the pleating tape
Pencil pleats….
pencil pleat tape
and more pencil pleats…4 drops in all.
lots of gathering
The MaTH and I had an Australia Day excursion to Spotlight (I know – imagine getting a husband into Spotlight – the trade off was going to Bunnings first!). I bought new white poles because these gorgeous curtains just do not go with the brown poles that were there before.
New Family Room curtains
With the curtains back up, I'm off to do some fun sewing...this rainy weather is a perfect excuse for staying inside.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


  1. I will avoid adding to your puns and just say your curtains look lovely, although the extremes you go to when you want new curtains is a little scary. If I send some measurements to you could you make curtains for me? I really hate making curtains.....!xxx

  2. I've pondered many a time whether I should make new curtains or just buy them and can't decide. Meanwhile the old curtains that were here when we bought the house remain and look really awful.

  3. I can not pull myself together and make curtains.. I am useless at them .yours look great though


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