Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Party Time…

Well Hello…it’s been a while…but for good reasons…

There’s been a 21st birthday party here for this little fellow…
The young man at 6
Preparation for a 16th birthday party for this little lady…
The little lady at 4
Though I know the answer, I still keep asking “where did all those years go?”

As the children grow up, the theory is that I will have more time to do what I would like to do…sadly it is still just a theory…big ones are hard work too!

All is not completely lost though, the sanity saver, and friendship builder, that is the GWSMQG Sunday Sewalong, happens once a month. My sewing machine gets dragged along to get a bit of a run! One day I will have something finished to show!!
In the mean time, here is the paper piecing I have been partying along with:
Kaleidoscope star pieced at GWSMQG Sewalong Sunday

and a whole lot of partying with these….
Star 1Star 2These will be the centre panel with sashingsashing
This is the quilt for the 21st…it’s alright I’m only keeping to my tradition of having these late for my own children…
So I don’t run out of things to do I have joined up for:

* 2 Flickr swaps – The DS Doll Quilt Swap and Modern Scrappy Bits Swap are both due early to mid March…I’d better get a wriggle on there and start turning up on Flickr!

* My other favourite Flickr group – Modern She Made, is opening up signups on 25 February…do you dare? DO I DARE?

* Quiet Play’s  And Sew On...BoM- the next one is an "unpicker"…I should have a competition to guess how many times I need to use the real thing to make the block…at least there is no deadline for this one.

* GWSMQG has started a challenge and the info is on their facebook page – for this one, I have till April to finish –  plenty of pondering time to work out the main colour.

Well that’s me back on the blogging wagon – till I next fall off…

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…

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