Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ins and Outs…

A gorgeous quilt from Lorraine (Vid70) on flickr…I can’t tell you how much I love this maxi mini and how gorgeous the colours are…so much DS in one place… love!DSDQ received
and a happy little house…with our house number on it…goodness beyond bounds.

and again because it is so lovely!
Pinwheel mini quilt from Lorraine
This is part of the DSDQ swap…a truly brilliant bunch of swappers...keep a lookout for the next round!

The next IN
is this rainbow basket of scrappy goodness…
Front- rainbow scrappy basket and scraps

Rainbow scrappy basket (cool colours) and scraps

A tisket a tasket...
This is from the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap on Flickr. My partner was Stacey and she got me totally right!  If you want a bit of eye candy, have a look at her Madrona Road challenge quilt...she sent me some of her lovely hexagons in the basket!

And some NEW (look out for corny word plays) INS:
souvenirs of fabric and thimbles from Marisew’s trip to the US:
NEW YorkNew York FabricsNEW Orleans
New Orleans thimbles
I don’t really have a thimble collection

the thimble collection
do I?

I made a flag to send to Boston. My local guild, GWSMQG are sending some off. I foundation pieced this kangaroo and the heart and fmq’d (sorry for using that as a verb!) "peace". There will be thousands of flags from all over the world and I wanted to show that peace and good wishes were coming from as far away as Australia.
Kangaroo flag
For more information about “to Boston with Love” go to this link
You'll need to get a wriggle on though…they have to be in by MAY 21st.

The last OUT to talk about is this sewing machine cover I made for the Modern She Made Swap – also a Flickr partner hasn't got it yet, so I won't say who it's for or show it all.
I found this one a real challenge, as I couldn't quite work out what to do for my partner…her mosaic had a water theme, lots of blues and greens and a liking for things “British”. Also the item had to have a “star” somewhere in it. Here’s what I ended up making.
Mosaic of sewing machine cover and lining
Front of cover with "waves"
In the end I am really happy with how it turned out…it took a while to work out the design, and it changed regularly, and I did some pebble quilting, so I stretched myself and learnt something new about technique and design in the process.
And as a tie-in with both swaps, some of the hexagons on this project were sent to me from Stacey in her scrap pack...clever huh?
And one other piece that literally 'fell' into place - I couldn't work out what to bind it with, none of the solids would work properly and then my precariously balanced DS fabrics fell onto the floor at my feet and out of the bag spilled the blue bubble colourway...spooky!

And I know you are asking “but,where is the theme star?”…
Sewing machine cover - side panel
…a pair of “friendship” stars on either end panel!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


  1. Goodness, that is a lot of fabric going out and coming in! I'm impressed with the standard of the swaps - it seems each participant puts in a lot of thought, planning and effort to make something beautiful.

  2. Seems to be a revolving door at your place for all the Swaps coming in and going out. Glad to see you are still finding the time for a little sewing. x

  3. wow you have been very busy. great work on the machine cover, love it.
    p.s i quite like that maxi mini too :)


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