Monday, 1 July 2013

May Catch-up

The only way I am going to catch up with blog news is to do a couple of bulk posts…I’ll call them MAY and JUNE, but there will be a bit of an overlap, so don’t hold me to correct dates!
and there’s nothing like a life in pictures to say it all…
But first I can happily say that the sewing machine cover (pictures in the previous post) I made for the Modern She Made Swap was a huge hit! Here’s the link to Cathy’s photostream and comments.

I'd signed up for a fabric basket swap on flickr, so I drafted a pattern for a rectangle kaleidoscope, based on the tutorial from Narcoleptic in a cupboard
Red sideorange sideOne rainbow side completed
and set about making a perfect basket, along the way picking up the perfect lining from one of the two GWSMQG Sunday Sewalongs that have been on in the past two months.
striped lining and rainbow basket - what a great pairCool side and end panelWarm side and end panel
Just as an aside, our Modern Quilt guild has incorportated and now we are all official …just to prove it…here’s the badge!

What was I saying..oh yes the basket…well that descended into more angst because those beautiful panels were so darn thick at the ends that I couldn’t send it to anyone…let alone the blogger/designer I was partnered with!
I should have cut off the wing bit on the end
Horrible bulky cornerhorrible sad bobbin thread
So what’s a desperate, deadline-dodging, damsel do? Grab a cuppa tea, and go cut some hexagons and triangles in orange and grey FMF – luckily another of my partners “likes” and quickly whip up another basket.
FMF hexagons and triangles
Orange hexies and grey trianglesGrey hexies and orange trianglesLook how those clever triangles made themselves into diamonds too!Extra goodies sent
I also sent off this little organiser wallet (I was sending off very late),which was made from more GWSMQG fabric that was being de-stashed by one person only to be re-stashed by me.Organiser wallet from this tutorial closed with elastic
I was truly happy happy happy with the parcel I sent…and so was Lori
(It might seem like I’m trumpeting my own horn – but after all angst and inner turmoil I went through with these swaps, you’d understand my relief in knowing that they were a hit.)
And just to prove that nothing runs smoothly, …I thought I’d be smart and cut and sew the lining a tad smaller so it wouldn’t be too loose…
too small orange lining
now I have a basket lining in search of a skinny basket!

More catch-up tomorrow!
thanks for taking a peek over the fence…

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  1. So there you are! You have been busy making all those lovely swaps for s very lucky lady. Nice to see you back. xx


Nice of you to take a peek over the fence. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in, have a cuppa and a chat. I will talk back...


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