Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Giveaway...

There are quite a few giveaways on CurlyPops' Blogtoberfest Giveaway Page.
I'm adding mine there tonight.

You can win one of these...
I have at various times called them a portable sewing kit/travel sewing kit/sewing caddy...
I've made a few different versions...
...some for SewItTogether 2011
sewing kits for SIT 2011

others for swaps...
this one was made for this scrappy swap - which just totally, coincidentally is signing up for round 2 (click on the link if you'd like to sign up).
inside of sewing kit

Scrappy cover of sewing kitSewing kit for Linda - aka Stray Stitches

...and a bloggy giveaway...
Picture borrowed from The Handmaden
Also borrowed from who was the lucky winner!
I don't know what the next one will look like yet, but it will be made with love and delicious fabrics.
The finished size is approximately 30cm x 15cm (12" x 6")
and it has a zipper section, felt needle book, scissor holder, pincushion and small open pouch.

How to enter?
Leave an interesting comment on this blog post - if you want some ideas,
you could send me a link to easy/interesting FMQ designs, or
a quilting tool/ruler that makes quilting/patchwork a breeze for you...

A random draw will take place on October 31 and the winner notified by email.
Don't be a no-reply blogger/commenter, 'cause I'm not going to jump through hoops to find you.

This is post #11 of Blogtoberfest
lots of bloggers here and,
  giveaways here

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. oh yes pleeeease :) my little tool i like to use for quilting is my wheel or roller (dont know the tech. name) its mentioned here on my blog. it saves having to get up to the iron every 2 seconds. love it !

  2. I don't quilt but as a sewist, my tip for the day is to use magnetic rulers attached to the wall for bobbin organisers. Cool idea.

    Love your sewing caddys. So sweet but functional.

  3. What a love give-away - thanks for the chance to win

  4. It wouldn't be fair for me to enter again, so good luck to all who do :)
    I'll post this on FB because I know firsthand how lovely your sewing kits are :)

  5. Lovely giveaway!
    My tip is to read the instructions through thoroughly before you start a project - you don't need to ask me why! At the moment I'm making a 'groove' quilt and I'm wishing I had a design wall""

  6. those caddies are SO cute!! I need that for my car, right now I have a quilted BAG but then inside is a ziploc with my things in it.
    feel free to look at my blog :-)

  7. These are AWESOME! What a clever little custard you are.
    Please pop my name in the pile.
    Thanks & cheers

  8. Oh my goodness, I feel like I can spend a half a day HERE! LOL Gorgeous.

  9. My favorite tool that I use is my scissor sharpener. It is made by Fiskars. These totes that you have made are AWESOME! I would love to carry one in my purse. SWEET they are just SWEET!

  10. Very lovely handmade :)
    Recently I bought a lil twister to try. I think the twirl quilt is very pretty :)

  11. Ooooh I'd love to win another Quilary goodie :). I realised that my kids' magna-doodles are great for practising FMQ patterns on.

  12. Those are beautiful, I would love to win one!

  13. I'm struggling to come up with an interesting comment. I tend to think I'm funny, but I'm actually not so I don't want to risk offending anyone! I don't quilt, so I can't help there

  14. This is just what I need for in the car! Not being a quilter I don't really have any interesting quilty stuff to share - but this is a general sewing tip I find really handy for sewing small fiddly things, maybe you might find a use for it one day:

  15. I haven't actually made a quilt yet so I doubt that I can give you any tips. I have lots of dreams/plans to make a quilt each for my boys.
    Your sewing kits are lovely!

  16. I lost my quilting mojo several years ago, but I'm hoping to revive my sewing machine by learning to sew my own clothes in 2013! My mom, who is an amazing seamstress, is moving closer to me and has promised to teach me. With the portable sewing kit, I can bring some supplies with me when I visit her for a sewing lesson. Thanks for the giveaway :).

  17. I don't have any clever tips and I am sorry to say that I don't even know what FMQ stands for (not sure I should say that out loud, round these parts!)
    My favourite tool is my Dad, a new found quilting extraordinaire. He is the best tool for measuring and cutting ever!
    If I won this give-away...I might have to give it to him!

  18. These are just gorgeous! I'm actually quite a newbie sewer and don't have a particularly great skills yet - I'm considering taking a course tbh. But I don't have much of a stash of ueful sewing bits and pieces and this is just lovely!

  19. When I'm sewing my hexie flowers, I use those little hair clips to hold the fabric for sewing. They work great. Speaking of great, this giveaway is perfect. What a nice little case. I'd love to win it.

  20. I aspire to sew like that one day - I have been teaching myself mitre corners - my tip to myself is to go slowly and carefully! It is a bit of a learning curve for this knitter!

  21. ooohhh...just stumbled across your blog...,what a cute and clever little caddie! love all the little pockets...made out of various fabrics! Not sure if your give-a-way is open internationally or not!
    ps. your blog is very interesting!

  22. Lovely bright colours in your kit! Great giveaway:)

  23. My interesting comment will be that I grew up in Roselands! Lived there till I was about 18, and was at Roselands Shopping Centre pretty much from when it opened! Small world, hey? Great giveaway!

  24. Very cute portable sewing totes. favorite ruler is the Strip Tube Ruler


  25. Cute caddy. and how handy it would be. I just learned that used fabric softener sheets will clean the glue off an iron that has fusible ironed on to it. WOrks wonderfully!

  26. Hi and thank you for the chance to win such a lovely, useful gift! I would love to give it to my DIL as she is just learning to sew and we all know how important it is to be organised! Thanks :)

  27. I love my surgical unpicker. As a clumsy person who hurts themself often when sewing and unsewing the mistakes this is a wonderful tool and it works brilliantly.


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