Monday, 8 October 2012


The kids have gone back to school.
I went back to work.
I wish I was still on holidays.
I'm still remembering my 'Outback' adventure.

Alice Springs is a city built in the MacDonnell Ranges.

Alice Springs
To get into Alice Springs, your drive through the Gap.
Heavitree Gap
Several tourist sites, including Standley Chasm below, feature 'gaps' in the red quartzite and sandstone rocks of the MacDonnell ranges
Standley Chasm

View through Standley Chasm

Kids at Standley Chasm
I'm not sure where my photo of Jessie Gap is, but here is Emily Gap - the sand is a riverbed.
Emily Gap
It's not as spectacular as some other 'gaps', but is a registered  Aboriginal Sacred Site. This is a representation of the creation story from the Aboriginal Dreamtime.
Caterpillar Dreamtime Aboriginal Art

I'm still in awe of the vastness of Central Australia and I can still travel there through my photos.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Great photos!! This is a part of Australia I would love to visit. It would feel like another country compared to where I live in southern Victoria where everything is very green!

  2. You have some lovely memories to pull out and examine when ever you feel like going back. x

  3. ive never been to the middle of oz. great pics looks like it was a fab time away :)


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